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VVVVVV in Metal form! Get this monster MMMMMMetal album from the right-hand sidebar!

With so much awesome in the guitars, we had to have really fat cables. :)

What is in this release? A ton of THIS:

That, my friends, is Jules "FamilyJules7x" Conroy playing my music!

I admit it. I love this! In fact, when I heard this medley, I knew I wanted to hear every single track I composed for the game VVVVVV in this way. And this would be the perfect way for me and Terry to celebrate VVVVVV's entrance to IOS and Android.
So this is the result: the melodic powermetal album called MMMMMM! How cool is that!?

Choose between a quick download or an actual CD printed in beautiful colors!

The soundtrack is a zipfile has almost an hour worth of music...
...And as usual there's a few hidden bonuses are in the archive when you get it. Actually, I'll reveal one right now: With each download, you'll also get a free mod file that lets you replace my current ingame music in VVVVVV with the new metal music you just bought, if you feel in the mood to headbang yourself through Veni Vidi Vici!

Jules "FamilyJules7X" Conroy (FamilyJules7X) worked with me for months to make this album a reality. A ton of work, talent, and fun has gone into these songs! You can preview all but the bonus content right here:

When you purchase anything from the link to the RIGHT (not the one just above here), there is no middle man like with Bandcamp (above), Amazon, Spotify, Itunes and the like who take a cut of your money before it reaches the artist(s) - except Paypal. This means that you DIRECTLY support me/us in our quest to make the world a little more fun for your ears -- and money is the best way to help us make more music for you! :-)

Special thanks to the following:

Deltamike (art)
Terry Cavanagh (game)
MANvsGAME (show)

And to all my fans for your support!

- Magnus "Souleye" Pålsson, 12th of June 2014

Here's what some people have been saying about MMMMMM:

"My final verdict on MMMMMM is one of overwhelming approval... Fans of metal and the original soundtrack definitely need to check out this album."
--- Michael Hoffmann, www.originalsoundversion.com (Link)

"I am so buying that one :D ... Love both the soundtrack and FamilyJules7x's works, so that makes it a no-brainer!"
-- Bastien Gorissen

"I'll have you know that I've been blasting the new album so loud my parents have shut to door to my study d=w=b"
-- Coron Lum

"This the best thing I didn't know I wanted."
-- eggie2319

"The music to VVVVVV is brilliant. Well paced, memorable, heartfelt, complex, sonically balanced... Well done! I'd support any rendition. String quartet next maybe? :)"
-- Dan Reed


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